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7 Steps To Get More Reviews For Your Business

    Get More Reviews

    If you’ve purchased anything online lately, you, like most of us are probably used to scanning reviews to better inform your purchase. According to research by Bright Local, 82% of customers check reviews before making a purchase decision. 

    It was also found that a potential buyer spends an average of 14 minutes reading reviews before he pulls out his wallet. This underscores the growing importance of reviews, especially for small businesses. 

    However, knowing what to do and how to go about it can be quite challenging. Hence, we have compiled an extensive guide to show you how to get more reviews for your business. 

    1. Incentivize Your Customers to Leave Reviews 

    One of the quickest ways to get someone to pay attention is by offering something valuable upfront. Meanwhile, it does not have to be something huge. 

    For instance, by giving discounts, gift cards for shopping or a cup or a coffee, a chance to participate in a raffle draw, or other competition can be attractive to your customers. However, make it clear it’s an appreciation, not review buying. 

    2. Wait For The Right Time To Ask

    Timing has a lot to do with getting reviews from your customers. Why? It’s because asking before they have tested and been satisfied with your product might not get you what you want. For example, immediately after a purchase or repurchase, when they tag your brand on their social posts; and after a referral. 

    You may opt to ask a few times like right at the time of purchase and then awhile after for a post-use review.

    3. Improve Your Business Offerings

    Impress your customers with superior customer service. That is, the better your product or service, the more confident people are to endorse and talk about it.

    Also, keep in mind your reviewers are placing their reputations on the line for your business. Thus, having a high-quality product simplifies their task. 

    4. Have Different Channels For Reviews 

    Do you know where your target customers are? Creating different channels for your customers to leave reviews for your business is a great way to meet them where they are most comfortable.

    Facebook is a platform with over a billion users. Yelp has hundreds of millions of users. Depending on your business and key personas, you should identify which platforms to solicit reviews from.

    You can even create a page on Google My Business for increased visibility and easier reviews. 

    5. Share Your Positive Reviews

    What happens when you see a trend that your friends are also part of? You want to join in. That’s how your customers feel too. When they see that some people have spoken well about you, the possibility of doing so increases. Therefore, share all the positive reviews you have received. 

    6. Make The Ask for Reviews

    If you don’t ask, you will not receive. You need to ask your customers to review your product or service. However, be specific and straightforward when you request for reviews. What questions can you prompt them to receive a review that is most relevant to your business.

    Besides, make it easy for them to leave their reviews. Nevertheless, you can request via phone calls, texts, postcards, emails, and face-to-face. 

    7. Follow Up On Your Ask

    Customers are much busier now more than ever. Also, attention span is reducing at an alarming rate. As a result, you need to ask several times before your customers make a move. Remember that this is not intentional; rather, it is the nature of the times. Be sure to space your asking reasonably – don’t annoy a customer when you’re asking them for a favor.

    Finally, show appreciation to everyone who leaves a review about you! Be sure to not only comment/acknowledge bad reviews, but also good ones too.

    In conclusion, you need to systematically apply these principles on how to get more reviews for your business to increase engagement, loyalty, and revenue.