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About Us


Our Story

Our team is the reason our clients succeed.

Founded by a medical doctor entrepreneur who successfully grew her company to #251 on the Inc. 500 list and nearly $20 million in annual revenue, and a medical and health care marketing executive with extensive experience in all forms of digital marketing who has led the marketing efforts of major health care brands, Health Media Experts is the only health marketing group that uses an entire team that is experienced in the health and medical industry.

We are driven by results

We only win if you win.


Health Care Experts

All of our team are experienced in medical and health care marketing.

Proven Results

Health Media Experts has a track record of success in growing health and medical businesses.

Highly Skilled

Our team aren’t just the best in their respective areas, we are health care experts who truly understand the language and message of health care businesses.


Andrea Paul, MD
Co-Founder and CEO

Dr. Paul is a physician-turned-entrepreneur who has started, grown and sold health care companies, including a digital health company that grew from zero to #251 on the Inc. 500 list in just 4 years. A seasoned executive in the health care, publishing, and education spaces, she knows exactly how to create and execute a marketing plan that will work. Besides her undergraduate science degree and her medical doctor degree, Dr. Paul also holds certificates in Entrepreneurship, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and web design. Her careful selection of a world-class marketing team including graphic designers, email marketing experts, social media experts, search engine advertising experts, SEO experts, PR professionals, and digital marketing gurus are what make Health Marketing Experts the place that health care professionals and businesses come to for the very best.


Chief Marketing Officer

Our chief marketing officer is a career-long healthcare marketer. She brings to Health Media Experts her expertise in digital marketing, social media, search analytics, and content marketing.


Design Team

Our designers are the best in their field, and have worked in health care marketing for the majority of their careers! They know how to create graphics and designs for websites, social media, ads, and printed materials that are as effective as they are gorgeous.


PR Team

Our Public Relations team brings years of journalism and writing experience within the world of health care and medicine. With an understanding of the healthcare industry and which websites, news sites, and publications matter, they can get you the attention and views you deserve.


SEO Team

Our SEO team are experts in healthcare. This means they truly understand the industry and what terms/keywords matter to health care professionals.

health mediaexperts

Influencer Team

Our team of marketing experts know how to engage followers and how to bring in brands and companies who want to find an engaging health care or medical influencer.

health mediaexperts

Social Media Team

Our team consists of social media marketing professionals who have grown health care social media accounts organically as well as using ads and promoted post campaigns. Some of our social media team are even influencers themselves! Using the most technologically advanced algorithms, software and data to properly schedule and plan your social media campaign is what makes us critical to your success!