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10 Best Business Podcasts You Need To Listen To This Year

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    Business podcasts have a lot of important advice and information that can benefit a business owner. These are some of the best business podcasts you can listen to in 2020.

    Podcasts are so accessible that you can listen to them on the way to work, during a workout, or during any free time they have. A podcast is an unusual way to learn about any topic you wish.

    Being featured on top podcasts is a new public relations angle that can be great to expand your reach for your brand.

    10 Best Business Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

    1. The Mind Your Business Podcast

    The Mind Your Business podcast is a weekly podcast that comes with useful tips for taking your business to higher levels. James Wedmore hosts this podcast, and it not only gives business advice, but it also gives self-care tips and motivational talks to help you grow.

    2. How I Built This with Guy Raz

    How I built this is popular among many circles because of its interesting interviews featuring top experts from different industries. The podcast focuses on the backstory behind some of the biggest success stories in the world.

    3. The $100 MBA show

    The $100 MBA show is one of the best business podcasts available. It is one of the top podcasts on iTunes, and it covers business education with interesting and effective ideas and insights. The host, Omar Zenhom, hosts industry experts from all areas of the industry.

    4. The BizChix podcast

    The BizChix podcast is hosted by Natalie Eckdahl, a business coach with an MBA. She has experience coaching top business executives, and she brings her insights onto this podcast that is geared towards women in business.

    5. Mixergy podcast

    The Mixergy podcast is known for its tips and advice concerning the issues entrepreneurs face in the course of creating and running a business. The podcast hosts a lot of industry experts from global companies who talk about the various strategies and actions that have contributed to the growth of their businesses.

    6. Business Wars

    Business Wars is one of the newest podcasts on this list, but it is already renowned in the world of business because of its unique premise. The podcast focuses on popular business rivalries and how each side manages to maintain its position in the business ecosystem.

    7. Duct-Tape Marketing

    Duct-tape marketing is great for small business owners who need cost-effective business tips. The podcast is primarily focused on marketing, but it also covers other important business topics like brand visibility.

    8. Make it Happen Mondays

    John Barrows, the founder of JBarrows Consulting, is a big name in sales training and he has worked with big names like LinkedIn. His podcast Make it happen Mondays goes over sales topics and questions from listeners. His topics range from B2B sales, negotiation, and cold calling.

    9. The 10-minute Entrepreneur

    The 10-minute Entrepreneur is hosted by Sean Castrina, a successful entrepreneur with over a dozen businesses to his name. he tackles the nitty-gritty of entrepreneurship and dishes out practical advice that helps out budding entrepreneurs on their business journeys.

    10. The Internet Business Mastery

    The hosts of this podcast, Jeremy and Jason, tackle topics relating to entrepreneurship, and multiple income streams. They help people who are seeking to start their entrepreneurship journey with effective and sustainable advice.


    All the podcasts on this list offer a unique spin on the world of business that you can learn from as an aspiring entrepreneur. They all have valuable information from seasoned experts that can speed up your growth in far less time.