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8 Best Marketing Podcasts You Need To Listen To This 2020

    best marketing podcasts

    We’ve collected the best marketing podcasts in 2020 you need to add to your playlist. With marketing podcasts, you can learn about the ins and outs of marketing from experts who have years of experience in the field.

    8 Best Marketing Podcasts 

    1. The Science of Social Media

    Buffer runs the science of social media, and it is a must for anyone who uses social media marketing in their businesses. This is a carefree and fun podcast, and it makes these intimidating strategies seem easy and fun. They regularly have industry experts host the podcast, so there is always a new thing to learn.

    2. Marketing School

    The Marketing School podcast is a 10-minute podcast that packs in as much marketing knowledge as possible in a short time frame. Neil Patel and Eric Siu host this podcast, so you know you will get a wealth of alternative marketing tips and tricks.

    3. Copyblogger FM

    Copyblogger FM is a podcast that can help you improve your ability at content creation and marketing. They cover most topics from content creation, freelancing, email marketing, and copywriting. The podcast also features experts that analyze trends in digital marketing, making it more accessible to everyone.

    4. Online marketing made easy

    This podcast has tips and tricks made for small business owners. It covers genius marketing plans and breaks them down into easy topics that anyone can understand. The podcast educates new owners on marketing plans and trends that would typically be difficult for them.

    5. Growth Marketing Toolbox

    The Growth Marketing Toolbox podcast, hosted by Nicholas Scalice, an experienced blogger and growth marketer focuses on marketing tools and trends. In this podcast, he reviews new marketing trends and tools and discusses their merits. He also interviews other business experts and gets their takes on strategies and advice for business owners.

    6. Smart passive income

    The Smart passive income podcast has a lot of tips, ideas, and advice for having and creating different streams of income. It also has a lot of advice on marketing strategies and networking tips for entrepreneurs. Pat Flynn interviews industry experts and gets their perspective on navigating business relationships.

    7. The side hustle show

    The side hustle show is a weekly podcast that focuses on people who want to start a new business. The host, Nick Loper, reveals useful tips and tactics for creating a business from a side hustle. He also discusses novel marketing tips and tricks that help save money.

    8. Social Pros Podcast

    The Social pros podcast is one of the best marketing podcasts 2020 for social media marketing and strategies. The hosts interview top social media practitioners and analyze their strategy, discuss top social media trends, and new techniques and methods in social media marketing.

    Best Marketing Podcasts Conclusion

    Podcasts make learning more fun and accessible, you can listen while you’re exercising or doing other things. They are a great way to get valuable information that you would ordinarily pay a lot of money to learn. These podcasts make learning easy, and their tips can make a difference in your business.