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Dental Marketing

Marketing for Dental offices

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dental marketing

Dental SEO

We understand the dental market and how to target the search terms you need to win.

Dental Social Media

We plan, write, design, and post for your dental practice on all social media platforms.

Local Dental Marketing

We create and maintain the local listings, pages, and mailings you need.


Google, Social Media, Print, and Local dentist advertising.

Dental Marketing Plan

Dentist Marketing Done Right

77% of potential patients use search engines to research their healthcare options. Dentists must, therefore, embrace digital marketing for their dental practice. The demand for dental content means that dentists must maintain an online presence and put out useful content and information regularly.

Dental marketing feels like an uphill task because it demands a lot of time and effort. Apart from worrying about dental marketing, you need to manage your staff, handle patients, keep up with policies, maintain your office, and follow dental regulations. Given all of these tasks, it would be almost impossible for you to maintain a consistent dental marketing strategy by yourself and practice dentistry effectively. If you need help with dental marketing, we can help.

Simple dental marketing ideas

1.    Dental Website

Your website is the online home for your business.

The content and information on your site give your online visitors the first impression of your business. So, provide content that addresses their pain points, display your contact and booking information, describe your services, use an attractive design, and ensure your site is easy to navigate both on mobile and computers. Also, include reviews and photos/videos that prove to your visitors that you are the right dentist for them.

2.    Social media for Dentists

Social media allows you to humanize your practice. It is also an excellent place to stay in touch with your existing clients and gain new ones.

The tone on social media platforms allows you to collect data that helps to shape your marketing messages.

Facebook has localized groups that you can join and market your practice to local people.

If you have a positive image on social media platforms, it will persuade potential clients to book an appointment at your clinic. 88% of online users trust reviews as much as a personal testimonial. Create social media accounts in relevant platforms and start posting and engaging regularly.

3.    Dental SEO

It is in vain to have a fantastic website if potential clients can not find you.

Great content provides helpful information to your prospects. Consider the pain points of your target audience then create useful content on the blog or FAQ section based on their questions and issues. Use these pain points as keywords.

Post regularly so that your audience can enjoy fresh content all the time. It will also help you rank well, build relations with patients, and they will trust you with their oral health.

4.    Local Dental Marketing

Most dental patients come from the clinic’s neighbourhood. So, it would help if you took advantage of local SEO. Options for local SEO include:

  • Google My Business page- Add the correct phone number, time of operation, business description, reviews, and service area.
  • Facebook ads – Target people based on interests, location, and occupation.
  • Google Ads – Decide where your message appears, who sees your message, and what you want to say. 

Local SEO is practical and cost-efficient. It attracts only qualified leads.

Dental marketing analytics

Track and analyze the results of your dental marketing efforts. Analytics help you to understand the efforts with positive outcomes.  

Last thoughts

For you to remain competitive and stand out as an authority in the dental industry, you need a targeted, professional, and diverse dental marketing plan. If dental marketing overwhelms you, hire a professional dental marketing company to help you!