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Get More Conversions from Email Marketing with These 7 Tips

    Email Marketing

    Conversions can come from multiple sources, but we consistently see high numbers of conversions from email marketing.

    Is email marketing dead? This is the question on the lips of numerous persons looking for better ways to attract and nurture customers. Furthermore, they want to know the potential return on investment for choosing that channel.

    According to Lyfe Marketing, the expected ROI could be as high as 122%. Thus, we have compiled a list of top email marketing tips that you can start using immediately to build customer relationships, and subsequently, drive sales.

    1. Identify And Understand Your Target Audience 

    This goes without saying. However, many people ignore this time-tested principle. For instance, unless you know exactly who your ideal customers are, your message will be scattered and less impactful. You won’t see conversions from email marketing strategies if you’re not personalizing your messaging. When you have a clear picture of who you are writing to, you will be better positioned to address his/her pains and problems- thus leading to more conversions.

    2. Send Only Valuable Emails 

    One of the quickest routes to connecting more in-depth with your audience and increasing your open rates is to deliver value consistently. Every email should touch a pain point, and show your reader the way out. When readers find your post a solution to their problems, they look forward to your next email. Besides, this builds trust in your reader’s mind.

    3. Make Email Personal 

    Times have changed, specifically in the way readers want you to communicate with them. Everybody wants to relate to another human, not a faceless authority.

    Personalizing your emails will make it more relatable to your readers. For instance, you can use their first names, instead of a general introduction. “Hi, Paul,” sounds better than “Hi Subscriber.” 

    4. Make Your Subject Line Sweet And Succinct

    The attention span is reducing at an alarming rate, as opposed to increasing content. This means you have to compete with hundreds, if not thousands, of other businesses, creators, and entrepreneurs.

    Now more than ever, having a captivating, clickable headline is critical. Compelling subject lines increase the chance of your email being opened.

    PRO TIP: Don’t make subject lines too long; 6 – 10 words is just right. 

    5. Craft Short And Simple Emails to Increase Conversions from Email Marketing

    Keeping your email short makes it more engaging for your readers. Remember that several other emails are competing for reading time. So, they have a few minutes to spend on yours. Therefore, the shorter your email, the faster your reader can go through it. Also, write in a conversational tone, as you do in real life. 

    6. Conduct Split Testing On Your Emails 

    How do you know what works for your email campaign? One way is by instincts, but back those with data by running split tests. AB Testing is where you change one minor thing and send the email evenly to two separate (but similar persona) randomized lists. For example, your opt-in form, headline, content, style, and call-to-actions can be tested. 

    After the campaign, review the data, is one getting more clicks? Is that the same with which one is converting most? This can help you leverage key strategies with confidence.

    7. Resend Your Message Differently 

    If you’re following up an email with an additional one, make sure it’s not identical. Similar emails are lazy and that becomes obvious to your customer. If you want to increase conversions from email marketing strategy, resends will be critical, but make sure you tailor the new messaging to change from the first.

    This does two things: it ensures that subscribers who missed the first one have another opportunity to read your email. Secondly, it serves as a form of test to check what works. However, be moderate when you do this. 

    As we conclude, we have highlighted the best email marketing tips that you can start implementing in your campaign. Also, do not forget that the best results happen over time. So, start now and be consistent. You will be glad you did.