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Healthcare Marketing

    healthcare marketing

    Healthcare Marketing Agency

    Our Team Consists of Seasoned Experts, Including:

    Physicians and Healthcare Profesionals

    Founded and led by an award-winning physician entrepreneur.

    Medical Writers

    Actual healthcare and medical writers to create your content and copy.

    Healthcare Advertising Pros

    Healthcare advertising experts with years of experience buying ads in the medical space.

    Healthcare SEO Experts

    SEO experts who truly understand the healthcare industry and know which keywords and terms are relevant.

    Medical Designers and Illustrators

    Graphic designers that understand healthcare.

    Healthcare Social Media Pros and Influencers

    We have both social media marketers and influencer experts on our team.

    Who Do We Work With?

    Our Healthcare Marketing Team Works With:


    Think of us as your CMO’s helpful partner. We take on marketing tasks that will help grow your business by sending the right message.

    Health Systems

    Creating a cohesive and medically-sensitive plan for your health system or medical group.

    Healthcare Startups

    Having founded and raised VC funding, our team truly understands the digital health space and can stand in as a fractional CMO.

    Medical Influencers

    We are here to help you grow your following and score amazing brand partnerships. Whether it’s your social media, a blog, a book, or a podcast, we can help you.

    Healthcare Clinics

    Whether it’s a dental clinic, medical clinic, medspa, or wellness center, our team of healthcare marketers will help you rank high and grow fast.

    Pharma and Biotech

    Getting your product in front of the professionals who prescribe or care for patients with the targeted conditions is what we do best. Our team has been generating medical leads for over a decade.

    Our Services

    We Offer End-to-End Marketing Services, Including:

    SEO and SEM

    Healthcare search engine optimization and search engine advertising (Google Ads).

    Social Media

    Social media design, copywriting, posting, management, advertising, and engagement services.

    Medical Writing and Copywriting

    Blogs, ad copy, social media captions, website copy, and more. Medically accurate and relevant.

    Healthcare Advertising

    Influencer marketing, direct mail, email, ad networks, and affiliate marketing are just a few of the channels we use.

    healthcare marketing company

    So, what is healthcare marketing, specifically?

    Are healthcare marketing strategies different from marketing efforts in other industries? It is strategic outreach and communication that is designed to build a healthcare brand, attract health care consumers, assist them through their health care journey, and keep them engaged with the health system. Specific marketing campaigns to target the healthcare industry have been shown to be more effective than generic ones.

    That said, there is an urgent need to focus on medical marketing, healthcare marketing and digital marketing than ever. Why? Here are a few stats which will convince you:
    • 88% of people searching for health information look for it via search engines
    • 57% of baby boomers have searched for wellness and healthcare information online
    • 48% of prospective patients research the hospital or doctor for about two weeks before booking an appointment with them

    Sounds great, right? We will discuss strategies and healthcare marketing plans for your healthcare organization to get you more potential leads, patients, customers, and followers in social media.

    Impact Of Marketing In Healthcare Strategies
    Marketing in healthcare is not the same as in other sectors. Healthcare service providers and companies need to devise their marketing strategy after conducting in-depth research on the needs of the patients or customers they serve.
    Marketing has changed over the last decade drastically, and the emerging trends have impacted mainly health care.

    Focus on Patients or Customers
    Previously, the healthcare industry approached its service as a mass offering, marketing now is much more targeted towards the individual served. It is highly personalized to the need of the patients and customers. This is one industry that has probably seen the most change in reliance on technology to achieve this.
    Today’s marketing efforts are no longer focused just on the service provided, but also the patient or customer. Overall, the goal of modern marketing strategies is to create a high satisfaction level in their consumers while delivering a consistent message of quality and expertise.
    According to this marketing point of view, the service should be consistent with or surpass the needs of the patients, and there are constant changes to campaigning strategies to bring this into focus. There is a certain level of difficulty in accomplishing this in healthcare because a patient’s experience determines the perceived quality of the health care service. This is based on their interaction with all levels of any health care staff involved.
    You have to consider every factor affecting the experience of the patient, both internal and external.

    Marketing In Health Care Tips

    Use recognizable branding
    Patients rarely recognize a fundamental difference between one health care business and the next. 88% of patients begin searching for health care advice online, and they choose a health center or business based on their online experience with that brand.
    You might be confident in the kind of campaign you are creating, but what matters is what your brand stands for. Your brand should be recognizable for something — your medical expertise, customer service, online facilities, relaxing environment — something that separates you from the rest.

    Provide online services
    Having a website is not enough; it is no longer even the bare minimum you can do to impress patients. From online scheduling, virtual visits, onboarding to the checkup, room booking, bill payment, finding your location or contact information, everything should happen seamlessly through your online portal or website.
    The new generation of health care receivers expect a certain level of excellence and convenience. This is no longer about just improving your patient experience in person; this is about your patients deciding that you are a convenient health care provider online.

    Design the perfect website and SEO optimize it
    The majority of users will open your website through their phones or tablets. Your website should be optimized for the mobile platform as well as the desktop version. Google is increasingly placing importance on indexing websites based on their mobile site.
    Google accounts for the experience of the readers, and it will reward websites that service the users best. SEO is also an essential factor because when patients search for a specialty service, you want to rank high in the search results. This also includes optimizing your website performance through frequent speed testing, keyword research, and usability testing.

    Utilize PPC
    Pay per click (PPC) advertisements such as Google Ads can be costly, but you should be more than recuperating those cost from the new business it drives. Use PPC services to promote your website using the targeted keywords within your target geographic and demographic areas.
    When people search for a pediatrician, you might rank in the top 10, but using PPC; you can come in first place. The first place spot tends to get about 30% of the clicks on that page. You can determine a budget and allocate it accordingly for your PPC campaign.

    Utilize social media
    A social media presence is no longer optional.
    Choose which social platforms make the most sense for the demographic of your practice and start using them regularly, posting new and relevant content and hashtags to build your audience.

    Content Marketing
    Content is absolutely critical to your visibility in search engines, also called SEO. Our marketing team focuses very heavily on creating and sharing content that is medically accurate but also researched in depth for SEO so that the content is not created for nothing. There are millions of blogs and articles that are never seen or ranked, don’t let that happen to your content.

    Reputation Management
    Make sure that your online reputation is not going to affect your sales or growth. Utilize strategies to get positive reviews and manage the negative ones.

    As you can see, it is the need of the hour to invest in health care marketing. Because if you are not, you are going to lose out to your competitors.
    If you want the best in health care marketing services, contact us at Health Media Experts