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Healthcare Public Relations (PR)

Healthcare PR (Public Relations) Services

Healthcare public relations services are a great way to increase awareness of your business or brand, get media attention, and also a great way to get valuable backlinks for your website.

Our medical PR pros will help you promote yourself, your brand, or your business via editorial coverage on websites, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, TV programs, speaking opportunities, and more.

Healthcare public relations services can include, but is not limited to:

  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Speech writing
  • Writing pitches and sending them directly to journalists
  • Creating and executing special events designed for public outreach and media relations
  • Conducting market research on your business and messaging
  • Helping you expand your business contacts through networking and attendance or sponsorship of events/meetings/products
  • Advising on crisis public relations strategies
  • Responding to negative opinions online

What you need to know about Medical Public Relations

What is PR?

Public Relations (PR) is all about creating and selling a narrative about a business. They are the middleman between a business and the public, and they manage the reputation, coverage, media opportunities of their clients using free or earned media.

Every business needs a PR person. A PR firm uses a variety of strategies to build trust and character between the company and its audience. A good PR strategy can keep a business afloat, especially in times of crisis.

What does a Healthcare PR person do?

PR firms are concerned with the public perception of the business, so the majority of their work focuses on predicting the public’s response at every step. They are also liaisons between the company and the public, including government organizations and the press.

They also oversee every piece of information that goes out of the business in terms of press releases, blog content, speeches, and social media posts.  In the case of an adverse reaction, PR personnel analyze the situation and come up with a crisis plan to turn it around.

4 mediums for PR strategies:

  • Media collaborations

PR personnel usually have good relationships with media houses so they can control the information that gets to the public. With these, they can get a heads up before any story breaks, and they can also spread the news about your business.

  • Special events

PR personnel can raise awareness for the business by hosting events promoting the products and services of said business. Another method is sponsoring a different function with money or products in exchange for promotion.

  • Internal communications

PR personnels are in charge of communications within the business, so they disseminate information among employees and shareholders of the company using newsletters, memos, etc.  

  • Social media

Social media is growing quickly as a marketing medium. It is valuable to PR personnel because they use it to connect with the public, thus promoting a positive image of the company.

Why do you need PR?

PR has a lot of advantages to a business, especially one that already has some public attention. It is quite easy for news to be misinterpreted into something negative. The effects of this bad publicity can damage your company’s reputation irreparably; a PR firm can help to prevent this.

PR is also quite cheap compared to other methods of advertisements and promotion. Their work is more long-term, so you won’t have to pay so much upfront. While PR is challenging to monitor and control, it is more believable and trustworthy than a paid promotion.

Difference between PR and advertising

The major difference between PR and advertisements is that PR uses unpaid or earned media, while an ad uses paid media. PR engages with the public to gradually build a reputation for the business, and the goal is to have a positive relationship with the public. Advertisements promote a particular product from the company, and they used paid promotion.

Health Media experts is here to help you get the media, links, and opportunities you need!