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Healthcare SEO and Medical SEO

medical seo

Healthcare SEO Services and Medical SEO Services

The first place new patients or potential customers go when they’re looking for a healthcare company or business is likely Google, or other search engines like Bing. We will work with you to figure out a healthcare Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy to make sure your business ranks for high search terms on keywords that are most meaningful to you and your business. If you find yourself looking to reach a larger quantity of new people, faster, we can work with you on a Paid Search plan that will maximize your advertising budget and help you grow your reach immensely. 

Both SEO and SEM are important for promoting a health care business. Health care SEO services are an important long-term part of a successful marketing plan. SEM, or search engine ads, are important both in the long and short-term

SEO for Doctors

Optimizing your medical website is critical to your success for many reasons. First, it increases your visibility in searches that your potential clients do. That means more patients or customers calling, purchasing, or visiting you. Second, it increases the number of referrals you will receive. When another healthcare person or company is looking for the services you provide, you want to be the first name they see. When it comes to SEO for Doctors, Health Media Experts has a track record of getting people ranked high for search terms that directly increase their traffic in terms of phone calls, booked appointments, website traffic, and physician referrals. Our physician-led team knows the medical industry and understands what it takes to create engaging, SEO-friendly, and medically-accurate content that ranks.

SEO for Dentists

When it comes to bringing in new dental patients, SEO for dentists is what makes the biggest difference. In the competitive space of dentistry, we help your business rise to the top of search results in your local area. We know that the dental practices found in the first set of search results get significantly more phone calls, appointments, and new dental clients. It takes an understanding of the dental industry to really create an SEO plan and content that not only helps you rank higher, but is medically accurate and relevant.

Telemedicine SEO and Telehealth SEO

Our team has been directly involved in starting, growing, and scaling telehealth businesses. We understand the industry, and our physician-led team will help create an SEO plan that will get your telemedicine company the search engine rankings it deserves. Telemedicine SEO requires the industry knowledge to create content that not only ranks, but is relevant to the people searching for telehealth terms.

Get a FREE SEO Audit Today

Want to see how you rank in terms of healthcare SEO against your competitors? How about what keywords you are ranking for now and on which page? We use the most technologically advanced SEO software to audit websites and create and execute SEO plans for national healthcare companies as well as local businesses.

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medical seo

How Healthcare SEO Works – A Detailed Overview

Google records over 2 million searches daily, and many of those are healthcare and medical searches. On average, 95% of all web traffic on Google goes to the results on the first page, so the success of your website hinges on it, making it not only the first page but the first five results. There is only one way to attempt that, and that is through SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant part of digital marketing that influences your medical website’s online presence. SEO focuses on how you can optimize your site to favor the results gotten on search engines such as Bing and Google. The higher you rank on the organic results listings, the more likely you are to get clicks.

How SEO Works – Some SEO Tips

Google holds the highest percentage of all searches done online, and they have a detailed list of criteria that they use to determine the ranking on their site. But there are also many other criteria that Google looks at that may not be in your hands. This brings us to the two areas where you need SEO:

On-page and off-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the tactics you can employ on your site to make it more engaging to your site visitors. Your on-page SEO hinges on the following factors:


Keywords are targeted words or phrases that come up when a query is made. You have to include them in your title and all over your post. You can use a keyword generator to generate quality keywords that will improve your ranking. Avoid cramming the keywords haphazardly in your post, though; they have to blend in with the rest of the content.


When someone makes a query, for example, “easy fluffy pancake recipe,” Google will only direct them to posts that fulfill that query perfectly. So, let’s discuss how SEO works. Well, if you plan on keeping the visitor interested, your pancake recipe has to be the fluffiest and easiest recipe; otherwise, you will lose their interest. You also need to post as often as possible, preferably with new or refreshed content to keep your website current.

Site structure

A well-outlined website is more likely to get dedicated visitors than a cluttered one. You have to focus on factors like the design, security, user-friendliness, page speed, and mobile adaptability of your website. 

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO, on the other hand, deals with criteria that you don’t have much control over. Google has a formula it uses to calculate rankings, and it tends to favor certain types of sites. Your only chance at standing out is to build your website up to meet those requirements.

For example, a registered and legitimate brand inspires trust and will be the first choice, and your domain and page authority is what makes you trustworthy to Google. It would help if you also improve your link building, lower your bounce rate, and increase your social media influence. Your country and location also play a role in your ranking.

SEO is something you need if you want to run a profitable online business. Without SEO, you will be lost amongst the many other healthcare businesses, with no way to stand out. Anybody can do SEO, but the best healthcare SEO agency is one that knows and truly understands healthcare.