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How Do I Attract New Patients To My Medical Practice?

    How Do I Attract New Patients To My Medical Practice?

    As a medical practitioner looking for easy to grow your medical practice, you may be asking yourself: how do I attract new patients to my medical practice? 

    Marketing campaigns are of paramount importance to the survival of any business, with the medical industry no exception. For a medical practice to grow and become successful at that, a doctor has to attend to at least 40 different patients each month.

    It’s important that your prices for medical services be affordable when compared to competition to continue to attract new patients. After that, it’ll be left up to finding what they want and making sure they know you offer it.

    Discussed below are the ways you can go about growing and attracting new patients for your medical practice. 

    Determine Your Target Audience 

    The most effective way to market your practice, is to identify your prime target audience for new patients. To do this, look at your current patients and see who they make up. Pay attention to details regarding age, occupation, gender, and location of your loyal patients. This will help you devise the right marketing mix to include channels that your types of patients already use to best promote your medical practice and get new patients.  

    Follow up on Existing Clientele 

    The first thing most private practice owners think of when seeking to attract new patients is spending money on new ads. However, a more effective and less expensive way is to follow up on their loyal patients.

    Make sure you tend to their health needs by way of sending reminders to them through text messages or email, informing them of special discounts on ground and others. This will make them advertise your brand by word-of-mouth to other people they come in contact with.

    This is a great way to gain new patients because they trust their loved ones opinion and usually prioritize similar things when evaluating a doctor.

    Quality Service 

    When you deliver quality service at all times to your existing customer base, you can be sure they will recommend you to others. This is my far the cheapest and extensive way of marketing your brand to new customers.

    Be attentive to your patients, employ highly competent and respectful staff, and have a professional setting. These details would go along way to make patients promote your brand to others, at no expense to you. 

    You can also ask your patients to leave a review of your practice so that new patients searching for a “doctor near me” can see other’s experience at your practice.


    Blogging is one of the most effective means of getting new patients these days. When you post informative, original, and relevant content to your medical practice, it shows your expertise and professionalism. This helps to attract new patients whenever they have health issues.

    You can also promote your blog using your other social media channels, another great tool to build and maintain good relationships with your old and new customer base alike. 

    Mobile-Friendly Website 

    Having a mobile-friendly website is an effective means of reaching out to potential customers. A website that works well when using a mobile device goes a long way towards convincing people of choosing your practice when they have issues with their health.


    The healthcare industry is continuously evolving as the years go by. In order for you to remain relevant, it is important that you regularly seek out ways and find out more innovative ideas of answering the question: how do I attract new patients to my medical practice?