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How to Do Your Own PR – 7 Tips

    how to do your own pr

    Top 7 Tips on How to Do Your Own PR

    Whether you are a solopreneur, blogger, or a small business owner, you need the right dose of publicity to increase your visibility and, consequently, increase your customers and revenue. Without this, sales might trickle in, and die off over time. Therefore, we have compiled comprehensive, helpful tips on how to do your own PR, and consequently, increase your customers.

    1.      Identify Your Ideal Audience

    Do you have a precise image of your target customer in mind? If not, that will be the first place to start. Before you start creating a product or service, take some time to know your ideal customer down the the most granular details. What to they do? Where do they eat? What do they buy? Who do they follow or listen to for advice? Furthermore, you need create a customer avatar, which is a semi-fictional character representing the person who buys from you or uses your service.

    2.      Realize The Power Of Your Own Story

    Do you know that you have a personal story worth telling? Discovering the power of your story is a fast route to connecting with fans and journalists alike. Because it reflects your uniqueness and authenticity, it also energizes and reinforces your message. So, unravel the potential of your story and leverage it.

    3.      Select The Right Social Media Channels

    There are several social media platforms that you can use to amplify your message. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter have several million (even billions) of users and subscribers, which you can leverage to build your brand and generate customers. However, find out where your ideal customers reside and start there.

    4.      Interact With Your Audience Often

    The essence of creating channels on social media is to continue the conversation with your fans and customers. Furthermore, the more interactive you get with your fans, the more humanly they see and share their thoughts and observations with you. In all, this will facilitate the transition from fans to paying clients. As your audience grows and becomes more engaged, PR opportunities will follow.

    5.      Share Expert Knowledge Frequently

    Your message is one, if not the essential tool in your PR toolbox. Content creation and distribution, when done well, can have a massive ROI for your business. Moreover, here are typical questions to help you create your content strategy. What are you sharing with your audience? How useful is it to them? What are your competitors doing that attracting your potential customers?

    6.      Build Quality Relationships With the Press

    Journalists and other Press personnel have intrinsic power to help increase your PR reach. For instance, they are always looking for experts to feature in newspaper columns, news sites, podcasts or radio programs. Besides, during product launches, or special events, they will come in handy. So, build real, valuable relationships, not just transactional ones.

    7.      Track Your Online Presence With Google Analytics

    Another useful tool that should be found in your PR toolbox is Google Analytics and Google Alerts. It is a free tool, which helps you to monitor your brand over the internet. You can track pre-selected keywords, people mentioning your brand name, number of visitors, and conversion.

    In summary, creating a PR strategy for your small business might be an arduous task. However, with this extensive guide on how to do your own PR, we hope that you find it much more comfortable and fulfilling.

    If you need more help with your PR and DIY isn’t cutting it, reach out to us for a free consultation to see if we can help!