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4 Effective Ways On How To Grow A Dental Practice

    how to grow your dental practice

    Quality marketing is an essential part of any business, and the medical line is not exempted. The marketing approach in the medical industry is very different from the norm, especially in private dental practice. To grow a dental practice classified as successful, a dentist must on average, care for 30 different patients every month and offer quality dental services at affordable prices.

    We’ve gathered 4 tips on how to grow a dental practice with time, effort, and monetary investment. Building a loyal customer base and attracting new dental patients is not easy. There are several means by which you can accomplish this growth.

    1. Make good customer relationships with loyal clients 

    A major priority for most people when they think of how to grow a dental practice is enticing new patients. Yes, this is important, but of more significance is your relationship with your loyal customers.

    Maintaining a good relationship with your existing customers is very important as they are the ones who recommend your services to others, through the oldest and cheapest means of advertising — word-of-mouth. 

    2. Realize Your Target Audience 

    Growing your dental practice is a matter of knowing the particular set of people that reside around where your practice is located. People are likely looking for a nearby, highly-rated dentist when considering a switch.

    You can make use of the biodata records of your loyal clients to help in determining your target audience. Specific parameters such as age, occupation, gender, will help in making the right means of marketing your practice. 

    With this audience, you can decide which channels to prioritize your marketing plan.

    3. Develop a marketing plan 

    After knowing your target audience, you will be able to come up with a marketing plan that would attract new clients to your practice.

    One important demographic parameter to take note of is the average age of people in your location. If your practice is located in a diversely populated area, you would need to make use of varying marketing strategies.

    For the older generation, the keyword is loyalty.

    For the millennial generation, your focus will have to be on providing solutions that are very flexible and are innovative. You can also give out informative media kits on the dental services you provide to new customers.

    4. SMS and email reminders 

    This is another way of growing your dental practice, but it has to be used in the right manner.

    Did you know? 68% of healthcare professionals in a recent MGMA poll uses text messaging for patient reminders.

    Sending your clients reminders through text messages or emails on regular dental checkups or taking advantage of certain promos offered by your dental practice is a good means of making your private practice grow. It tells them that you are willing to offer them more valued services.

    Be sure to make use of the right means and content when using reminders. Make the messages short and cheerful. 


    These tips on how to grow a dental practice will be of immense assistance in growing your customer base. Pick one or two of them, practice them consistently, and portray values that will make your private practice one of the most successful dental clinics in the market. If you don’t have the time, reach out to a healthcare marketing agency to help you in the background.
    Engaging an agency can grow your practice exponentially.