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5 Simple Techniques to Know How to Market your Medical Clinic

    how to market your medical clinic

    Knowing How to Market Your Medical Clinic is the Key To Success

    Patients are the most important part of any healthcare establishment. In other words, as a medical practitioner, it is critical to pay attention to your medical marketing plan. Patients have numerous reasons to choose and switch clinics, but with a well-designed marketing plan, you can be at the receiving end of such acts. Moreover, here are five simple answers as to how to market your medical clinic.

    How to Market your Medical Clinic by Delivering Superior Service To Your Patients

    According to, a dissatisfied client will tell 22 persons of their poor experience, whereas, a satisfied customer will tell just nine.

    Furthermore, every satisfied patient is a gold mine that you can harness to market your clinic. As a result, you need to consider the ripple effect that this will have on your healthcare reputation.

    Firstly, take notes about each patient and be kind enough to ask patients about their families or hobbies at each visit. Making the feel remembered is a simple but incredibly valuable way to build positive connections with patients. After the visit, send regular reminders, helpful communications, and follow-up after appointments. Also, do not forget to celebrate their special dates like birthdays. These simple acts will trigger word of mouth marketing.

    Have An Optimized, Patient-Centric Website

    It is common knowledge that patients are often impatient. As a result, a poorly optimized website will do little to build your clinic reputation.

    For instance, ensure your website pages are designed with usability for patients in mind. In addition, simplify your marketing message and offerings so that they can grasp it almost immediately.

    Lastly, make sure that your website is mobile responsive and fast loading because this will boost your medical website’s search rankings.

    Network With Other Doctors For Patient Referrals

    Whether you are a new or well-established medical clinic, you will likely need referrals at one point or the other. If you are truly crunched for time, you can be more deliberate by employing a Physician Liaison, someone who goes out to other hospitals, clinics, licensed caregivers, to promote your clinic on your behalf.

    Furthermore, when you have quality relationships with other players in your local healthcare ecosystem, this adds more credibility to your practice.

    How to Market your Medical Clinic with Paid Digital Marketing Options

    The internet has enormous potentials that you can tap into to increase your patient base. For instance, Pay Per Click advertising uses specific, laser-targeted terms you can pay for to improve your visibility and place you on top of the page during searches. Keep in mind, paid search ads has a better return on investment (ROI) if you carefully select the exact terms you want to rank high for and target them to the location and demographics you are after.

    Furthermore, your Social Media posts can be boosted or promoted to reach more audiences that you target as well. Subsequently, you can use social media Ads with specific call-to-action buttons to target persons who may need your services.

    Traditional Marketing and Media Options are Not Dead, Use Them

    In recent times, the internet only increases our options; it didn’t eliminate the power of more traditional media for medical clinics like direct mail, radio/podcast ads, billboards/signage, and sponsorships/print ads.

    Millions of people listen to public radio, news radio, podcasts, read their mail, look at signs, and see sponsors at local events or schools.

    More importantly, consult reputable healthcare media experts to guide you on the right programs with the right demographics that contain your potential patients.

    There are likey hundreds of medical professionals to compete with in your local area and many more over the internet using telemedicine. So by following these and other strategies on how to market your medical clinic, you are sure to reach more potential clients and convert them into patients. 

    To explore all of the “13 marketing buckets” that Health Media Experts uses to market health care businesses reach out to us for a free consultation!