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How To Promote YouTube Videos To Drive Increased Traffic

    Are you a video content creator searching for how to promote YouTube videos? If you answered yes, we have compiled the tops techniques to deploy for increased views. Currently, YouTube is the most visited website in the world, with almost 2 billion monthly users.

    Starting a YouTube social network channel is relatively easy; the real task is getting consistent views as traffic. Here are techniques to get you going.

    Use Search-Friendly Words 

    YouTube algorithm follows similar patterns as Google Search. As such, it is important to target keywords and phrases that people use when using the search bar to come up in search results. Also, choose a keyword that prioritizes video content, e.g. tutorial instead of tips. 

    Create Descriptive Titles

    Titles play a crucial role in deciding who clicks your video or scrolls past. Therefore, you need to create catchy titles that grab attention. Few tips include inserting your keyword, making the title concise and captivating, and use power words like “amazing”, “best”, etc. 

    Tag Your Uploaded Videos Appropriately

    One way to boost your organic traffic is by using the right tags. Firstly, use a tag unique to your brand so that it comes up during a search. Also, include your primary keywords, variations of the keyword (using YouTube Autosuggest), and those used by popular videos. 

    Customize Your YouTube Thumbnail 

    Although YouTube automatically generates a thumbnail for every video, creating a custom thumbnail helps to stand out from similar videos. Moreover, you can use Thumbmaker to create thumbnails in minutes. However, ensure it follows YouTube standards. 

    Share Across Social Media Platforms 

    As a blogger, it is necessary to have social media pages for your YouTube channel. This will help generate traffic from those platforms. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have billions of users. Thus, share your videos immediately you upload them on our channel. 

    Embed Your Videos On Blog Posts

    This is another way to direct traffic to your channel. Start a blog with similar themes and topics as your YouTube channel. Then, you can easily embed your videos on it. Furthermore, you can easily redirect people to your YouTube channel. 

    Include Clear Call To Action

    It follows that if you ask for something, the chances of receiving increases dramatically. As such, ask your viewers to like your videos and subscribe to your channel. This could be in the middle or end of the video. Plus, popular YouTubers use this simple technique. 

    Engage Your Fans Frequently

    Viewers who also like and comment on your videos deserve some extra love, especially those who drop encouraging compliments. Remember to create content that is compelling and catered to their interests. Also, take time to respond to their questions and shine the spotlight wherever and whenever necessary. This will increase loyalty among fans. 

    Tip: Live Streaming is a great way to promote your videos before they launch, it encourages more people to “tune in” to see your YouTube content at a certain time.

    Leverage Playlists 

    This is a great way to make people watch more of your videos since they have some doses of addiction. Typically, when one video ends, the next begins automatically. Thus, group similar videos together under a theme. Also, you may incorporate videos from relevant influencers. 


    These strategies on how to promote YouTube videos will help increase your viewership and, subsequently, your subscriber base. However, pick one or two of them and start implementing them. Use YouTube analytics to track your progress and make step by step adjustments based on that data.