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The Definitive Guide On How to Write Good Blog Content

    How to Write Good Blog Content

    The internet is evolving at an alarming rate, reducing attention span to its lowest ever. You need to know how to write good blog content that captures the readers’ attentions and converts. You have less than 5 seconds to convince a prospect to either read to the end or scroll to another great blog post.

    With that, content marketing is more and more becoming a vital component to a digital strategy. Below is a comprehensive guide that details what you need to start writing. 

    Research Your Target Audience

    The first step to a successful blogging experience is knowing who you are writing for. Once you know your ideal audience, other things fall into place. Meanwhile, it would help if you carried out both industry and competitor analysis to carve a unique identity. 

    How to Write Good Blog Headlines

    To combat decreasing attention spans, create headlines that stops your readers on their tracks. Many times, people judge the quality of the content by the headline. So, write a great blog post, but make sure your article’s headline is attractive. 

    Lists, answering questions, how-to’s are all great starting points to write scroll-stopping headlines.

    Format Your Blog Subheadings

    Before people settle down to read a blog post, they would have skimmed through the page. However, if your texts are choked and lumped together, it makes it difficult for them to read.

    • Use shorter paragraphs
    • Break your post into sections
    • Use subheadings

    Insert Bullet Points 

    Still, on formatting, bullet points help condense information into smaller pieces for easier reading and understanding. Moreover, readers want specific information with little stress. So, place some critical statements into bullet points, of 1-2 sentences each. 

    Create An Educative Post 

    When you sit down to write a blog post, outline first to guide your flow of thoughts. This simplifies and focuses your research on essential matters.

    You must get your first draft out as quickly as possible. Then, you can take a fresh look at it afterward. 

    Edit Like A Pro

    The editing process is a period of refining your first draft to make it sparkle. Some people believe it is harder than writing itself because you have to chisel out flowery, filler, and repetitive words. In the end, you get concise statements that flow seamlessly with one another. 

    Insert Appropriate Images

    You must include images that tie your points to your blog post. Some of the benefits include – making your post more visually appealing to readers, breaking up the text, and making complex ideas more understandable. 

    Don’t Neglect SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is necessary to rank well and get free traffic in the long run. Hence, find a balance between reader experience and your SEO strategy.

    For instance, include meta description and post title, add ‘alt-text’ to your images, and focus on your primary keyword and its variants.  Don’t forget to read your post for comprehension.

    Include A Clear Call-To-Action 

    A clear CTA tells your readers what to do next – whether to share the post, drop a comment, subscribe to your newsletter, etc. Always ask. 


    Readers are always looking for information to solve their problems and make their lives better. We hope this guide on how to write good blog content gives you a robust platform to build your blogging strategy. 

    Before hitting publish, be sure to think about how social media will play a role in sharing your good blog post. Be sure to share it on those platforms and ask for people to leave a comment to encourage engagement.