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Medical Review Management

Review and Reputation Management for Health Care Businesses and Medical Professionals

No matter what your online presence looks like, the internet is running rampant with reviews about your practice. Word of mouth is so critical when looking for a new practice or business to trust, so protecting your image online is crucial to continued success. Let HME protect your online image. We can respond to negative reviews to try to salvage the relationship and possibly have them update their review, or make suggestions to prioritize which reviews warrant a response. Additionally, we will work with you on a campaign that encourages your patients and clients to leave reviews. A large quantity of good reviews goes a long way when people are looking for care.

Whether you have a product or service, reviews matter. Let us help you get more positive reviews today.

Managing Physician Reviews and Doctor Reviews

Physician review management isn’t just about dealing with negative reviews, it’s about getting more positive ones as well. It can be awkward to ask for a review, so let us handle it for you! Our review management team will handle the process of getting you more reviews for your medical business and will work hard to get false reviews taken down and/or edited as much as possible. People use doctor reviews to choose which physician to visit, so don’t let a few false reviews affect your business.

Physician Reputation Management

As a physician, your reputation is important to your business and job security. Let us help you manage your online reputation by helping you get more reviews and to attempt to have false information about you taken down.

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What is online reputation management and how can it help businesses?

As a business, you have very little say in how people view your business, especially if your business doesn’t already have an established reputation. You only have control of your actions but not how people see them. So, what is online reputation management and how can it help businesses?

Reputation management is a marketing scheme that involves controlling the public perception of an individual or a brand. Online platforms are the new go-to for people looking to communicate and interact, making it the fastest and easiest way to reach a lot of people with less effort. So, most reputation management strategies happen online.

How does reputation management work?

If you know how people work, then you know that everyone can’t think the same way. Reputation management only attempts to frame the public’s view of you in a generally positive light, that inspires trust and reliability, using psychological tactics.

The first step to managing the reputation of your business is learning what people think about your business. Find out if you have an online presence, and build one if you don’t, then, you need to keep an eye on what people are saying about you. You can use Google’s Search alerts so that you will know when your business is being talked about online.

Also, online reviews will give you an idea of what people think about your business. Make sure to respond to as many comments as you can; positive and negative. Build up your brand’s image by engaging with customers politely and helpfully. Promote positive content about your business, so that will be what people see when they search for you. You can do that with blog posts, social media posts, and newsletters.

How can reputation management help businesses?

Reputation management falls under sales and marketing, but it differs a little because it doesn’t just affect the sales of a business. A good reputation goes farther than only sales, although it can drastically improve them. Here are some benefits of reputation management;

·         It improves customer trust and relationships

People are more likely to patronize reputable businesses, especially when they experience it themselves. Trust between a customer and a business is what creates loyalty and ensures that your customers return to your business repeatedly.

·         Increase sales

Getting better reviews means more people will be willing to try out your products and services. Also, they will be more willing to refer you to others or leave a good review after experiencing it for themselves.

·         Enhances the business’ image

When your business has a positive reputation, potential customers will be more likely to do business with you. You will also have a good name among other companies that may want to collaborate with you.

·         Boosts SEO ranking

Positive online reviews show that your customers are satisfied, which means that your search engine ranking will improve. Search engines use online reviews to recommend businesses to customers based on their overall positive reviews. It helps you get recommended more often to people searching online.

Online reputation management plays a huge role in the success and growth of your business. If you can handle the reputation management of your business, you can hire a reputation management firm to handle it for you. The public’s view of your business can make or break that business, especially one with a strong online presence