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4 Proven Ways To Get The Best Results From Search Engine Positioning

    Search Engine Positioning

    Search engine positioning (SEP) is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool used in improving the rankings of specific web pages. This practice doesn’t focus on improving the ranking of the whole site using SEO; rather, the effort is concentrated on some of the web pages.

    SEP is all about increasing page rankings, but it also focuses on maximizing your SEO ranking.

    How To Use Search Engine Positioning

    Improve Your Content

    As you should know, content is very important to SEO. You can’t rank in the first position without quality content, so make that a priority. Your content should be readable and engaging. Create new content that aligns with your existing content, and make sure you keep your existing content up-to-date. If your page is already ranking high, you should also be sure to optimize your content to rank even higher.

    Focus on your on-page SEO, and work to improve your pages’ performances. Resolve any UX issues, and make sure your content is real and not filled with fluff. You can adjust the font and use headings and subheadings to make it easier to read. Note that search engine positioning works best with pages that are already considered relevant by the search engines.

    Improve Your Website’s Navigation

    Your page speed is an important factor because it can affect your bounce rate. If your pages take up to 5 seconds or more to load, people are unlikely to stay on your site. A page speed of 1-3 seconds is ideal if you want to maintain a good bounce rate. 

    Another important factor is your click-through rate (CTR). Your CTR gives the search engine an idea of how relevant your results are. For example, a page that ranks in the 8th position can improve its click-through rate by 3-5% and get bumped up to a higher rank. This shows that people care about the site’s results. If the opposite happens, however, the site can be moved out of the first page completely.

    Use Quality Internal Links

    Internal links are important for boosting your page ranking, especially if you use authority sites. A great way to maximize internal links is to use them with keyword-rich anchor words. This means to put links on words that you’re trying to rank for. When this happens, the search engine will recognize it as part of your topic.

    Keep in mind that linking pages with authority boosts your search positioning and gives your pages more credibility.

    Develop Your SEO Skills

    SEO is the most important part of search engine positioning. To master this, you need to improve your SEO skills.

    A great way to improve your SEP is to rank multiple times on the front page. You can either rank consecutively with two pages with similar topics or rank on different sections on the front page with different pages.

    The first one is harder to achieve and requires advanced knowledge of SEO strategy. But, you can achieve the second one with some dedication. This works great if you have videos that can rank alongside web pages. The Google algorithm favors rich content (video, infographics, etc) that sets your information apart from the rest.

    The Google front page doesn’t just have a list of ranking websites anymore. There is a “featured snippet” section, video results, and boxes with the most common questions people ask. Getting in those featured boxes will be very beneficially to improving your site traffic.


    Search engine positioning is an important tool you need to boost your website. With search engine positioning, you can rank multiple times on the front page. But, you have to know how to maximize your options to get the best results.