What Is SEO Blogging?

SEO Blogging

As a business owner, one of your numerous questions might be – what is SEO blogging? It is essential because organic traffic should be a core part of your digital marketing strategy. The reason is not farfetched due to its cheap and consistent results over time. Here is a comprehensive guide to understand the concept and how to implement it in your business. 

Create A SEO-Friendly Blog

When you design a beautiful website, you need to back this up with high-quality content and efficient site architecture. 

  • Stuff Value Upfront

According to the 80/20 principle, people spend the majority (80%) of their time on the top section and the remaining 20% on the lower-placed content.  

  • Manage Your Page Links 

Google recommends that each of your pages should not exceed 100 pages. This enhances customer experience and enabled search engines to rank you high.

  • Reduce Your Ad Space 

Nothing irritates online users than ads popping up everywhere. Furthermore, they reduce your site loading speed. 

Optimize Your Blogs for SEO Blogging

When you optimize your blog posts, you directly feed your target audience and inform search engines of their relevance. 

  • One Keyword Per Post 

It is recommended that each of your posts has a primary keyword, which serves as a focal point throughout the article. 

  • Attention-Grabbing Title

The scarcest resource right now is attention, and to get it, you need a title that grabs their attention right away. 

  • Format Your Headings 

Headings function like chapters in a book. They make your post easier to scan through and read. Moreover, it helps organic SEO. 

Get Relevant Links

Below is a strategy to get appropriate links for the content you intend to create. 

  • Popular Industry Blogs

Search for authority blogs in your industry to discover what and how they post. You’re likely following some already. If not, type “your industry + blog” into the search bar for more options. 

  • Most Popular Blog Posts

Scan through the authority blogs to find posts with the highest engagements. That is, shares, comments, likes, and trackbacks. 

  • Go Few Steps Ahead 

The next line of action is to create a post even more valuable than the most popular posts. Although this will take more time, its returns in terms of backlinks are higher. 

Become Consistent

Consistency always trumps intensity. Thus, incorporate consistency into your online content marketing strategy. 

  • Fresh Content Frequently for SEO Blogging

It is no more news that search engines like Google love fresh content. Their algorithms are designed in favor of blogs that produce new content regularly. Also, it helps you to rank well. 

  • Generate More Leads 

According to Kapost, blogging increases website indexing by over 409%. This means more people read your blog posts, get convinced of your value, and buy your products or services. 

  • Never Stop Blogging

Whenever you quit blogging, expect a considerable decline in your website traffic. The key is to keep showing up regularly. 


By now, we hope that we answered the question that has been bugging you – what is SEO blogging? The advantages range from increased traffic, influence, and, subsequently, sales. 

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