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Top 10 Ways To Advertise Your Business

    Advertise Your Business

    You need to advertise your business to find customers to survive and continue to grow. As such, getting new clients should be a top priority for a business owner.

    The mode and medium of advertising have changed in recent years. According to research by Zenith, US businesses are expected to spend over $135 billion on digital advertising. Thus, we have put together a comprehensive list of the ways to advertise your business. 

    1. Use Pay Per Clicks (PPC)

    Google is the market leader in the online search industry, responsible for more than 160 billion searches every month. Moreover, the majority of Google’s revenue comes from Google Adwords. PPC through Google Ads enables you to bid for select keywords, which you pay for only when your target market clicks through the search engine. 

    2. Social Media Advertising 

    With the prevalence of social media platforms in recent years, businesses have several opportunities to advertise. For instance, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., have paid advertising features to promote your business. Run some tests with Facebook ads to see if your target audience is there to find your product or service. However, when compared with Google’s, the cost per acquisition is lower. 

    3. Email Marketing to Advertise Your Business

    Email marketing has persisted throughout the years, despite concerns about its disappearance. Today, several businesses are using email campaigns or email newsletters to nurture existing customers and advertise their products. However, it should be used in conjunction with other marketing strategies like social media ads and PPC. 

    4. Influencer-Based Marketing 

    Using influential bloggers to reach more potential customers and advertise products is on the increase. Typically, influencers have access to niche markets, where they are referred to as authorities. As a business, you can leverage their popularity. However, they charge premium prices.  

    5. Advertise Your Business with Podcast Advertising

    Podcasting has experienced increasing growth over the years. Now, podcasters are introducing advertising in the form of sponsorship. So, during the podcast, the presenter reads an ad for the sponsor. Meanwhile, podcasters majorly recommend products they use too. 

    Another platform you can leverage is YouTube, especially if the video is part of your content strategy. Video allows you to educate, nurture and develop a close connection with your viewers. Moreover, you can place ads on existing and popular videos. 

    advertise your business using digital marketing

    7. SEO Organic Traffic

    When done right, SEO generates higher returns over an extended period. The key is to create valuable posts that answer questions from your audience. Consequently, more people will visit your blog, and other blogs will find it useful. 

    8. Television and Radio Ads

    Is traditional media dead? Of course not. Millions of people still sit behind their TVs and radios every day, mainly if your product targets the older population. However, selecting relevant programs and channels requires careful thinking. 

    9. Print Advertising

    Similar to radios and TVs, the internet has disrupted the print media. However, a considerable amount of people still read the news and consume printed content regularly. This is a good option for local businesses.

    10. Location-Based Advertising

    As a business, you can leverage on Google My Business to increase your visibility. When prospects see your business online, they are more likely to walk into your physical store. 


    Although we have listed the best ways to advertise your big or small business, you cannot implement all the strategies at the same time. Firstly, pinpoint your ideal audience. Secondly, identify the platforms they use and the content they consume. Lastly, design a strategy with your result to increase brand equity, sales, and profits.