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Why is Website Design Important?

    website design important

    If you think Website Design doesn’t matter as long as you’re fulfilling the needs of your customers, you may be causing serious damage to your business.

    Customers have lots of other options available- your competition! That’s just one reason why website design is important. There are tons of other reasons involved. Therefore, we’ve developed this article to describe the most important reasons why website design is important.

    Why Is Website Design Important?

    Now, without any delay, let’s dive into the details of why website design is important.

    Setting an amazing first impression

    Although it’s not good to judge someone on the first impression, the customers always do so create a website that is a clear representation of your brand. Your website design determines how much value you can add to the customer’s life. The customers often judge your website’s credibility within the first few seconds. It’s the only chance you can use to grab their attention immediately.

    The customers won’t hesitate to move to the competitor’s site if they couldn’t find anything attractive on your website. Therefore, you must pay serious attention to the website design and try to make it attractive and functional at the same time.


    A properly organized website enables users to find their desired products or services within no time. You must display the product and services on the front page because that’s what customers want to see when they enter your website. Only a few customers take a visit to the “Contact Us” or “About Us” Page.

    So, these pages don’t require as much attention as the service and product pages. Today’s customers are so impatient that they’d immediately leave your website if they couldn’t find their desired products within the first few minutes.

    You must include the services and products in the main navigation because the customers immediately head towards the main navigation when they’re trying to find a product/service on a website. Your chances of securing a lead are much higher when you make it easy for the customers to explore products and services on your website.

    Beating your Competitors

    If you take a visit to your competitors’ websites, you’d see that they’re putting in a lot of effort to make their website look attractive. Even if you think the website design is an overrated aspect, you cannot deny the fact that your competitors are paying serious attention to this aspect. You should also start working on this aspect because it’s important for your survival in the online industry.


    The website design is really important for keeping visitors engaged to the site. Attractive web design can help with maintaining an amazing bounce rate. And it will automatically boost your website’s ranking on search engines. However, if you have an old and outdated website design, the visitors will leave the page within the first few seconds. And you’d start struggling with maintaining your ranking on search engines.

    Building Trust with the Audience

    Whether you agree or not, the users don’t trust poorly designed websites. Let’s say, a customer wants to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase products from your website. But when they see the outdated design on your website, they may get confused about whether they should purchase products from your website.

    They may think that you’re a hacker trying to steal their information so you may use it for wrong purposes. How would you convince them to buy products from your website?

    Well, there is only one way to make this happen. You need to improve your website design according to the latest standards otherwise, you’d keep losing customers.

    Brand Consistency

    When you use the same font, layout, and styles on your website, the customers build an image of your business in their minds. The users feel very comfortable when they find the same design on all web pages. And it’s an effective way of getting them familiar with your business. We bet you’d be able to win more leads and conversions if you follow the same pattern for all web pages.

    Common mistake designers often make is that they try to build unique patterns to leave a great impression on visitors. But the fact is that the visitors get frustrated when they see a different design on every page.

    Search Engine Ranking

    How can we forget the search engine ranking while describing the importance of website design?

    The website design makes it easy for the crawlers to read your pages. But if you have messed up with the codes, the crawlers will face problems with indexing your pages. So, you must make sure that your code is simplified and perfectly organized for search engines.

    Similarly, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile, it will seriously affect your ranking on search engines. You need to know the fact that 80% of the users now use mobile devices and tablets to visit a website. And search engines are now seriously concerned about this aspect. So, if you haven’t developed a mobile-friendly design for your website, you cannot expect to rank higher on search engines.


     Website design is the most important element of your website for leaving a great impression on the visitors. It helps with building trust with your customers. It enables you to boost your sales while helping with outranking your competitors. Moreover, the website design helps with boosting your search engine rankings. In simple words, the website design is essential for your business’s success.

    By now, you must have understood why website design is important. But if you still need some help, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll try to provide a reasonable answer to the questions you have in your mind.