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What is Link Building? An Actionable SEO Guide

    What is Link Building

    So… what is Link Building?

    Link Building is one of the most important ways of establishing authority in the digital world. It’s a process of getting links from high authority websites so you may improve your search engine visibility.

    It’s the most effective strategy you can use to promote your business in the digital world. Content Marketing, Broken Link Building, Email Outreach, and Blog Commenting are the most common methods of link building you can use to grow your reputation in the digital world.

    Importance of Link Building

    Marketers spend most of link building time building links on high authority sites because they understand that it’s an important way of establishing authority in the digital world. Let’s take a look at why you should include the link building in your marketing strategy.

    Improve Google Ranking

    Google and other search engines use links as an important ranking factor. Without links, you won’t be able to achieve the top rank in the Google search results. In most cases, you won’t even be able to make it to the 1st page of Google if you haven’t built links for your website.

    When high authority sites from your niche add your website’s link to their content, it gives a signal to the search engines that you’re creating valuable content for the audience. As the number of links increases, your ranking starts increasing in the search engine.

    There is no doubt that Google considers several other factors for ranking a website but link building is something that cannot be overlooked. When you’re building links, you should stay away from low-quality sites as they won’t bring any fruitful results to you.

    Building Audience

    Building Audience is a major concern of every business when they enter the digital world. There are several other ways like social media marketing and email marketing that can help with growing your reputation online. But link building is an amazing method that enables you to find the right audience for your business.

    Trust Building

    Link Building is also important for building your trust in the eyes of your audience. Your target audience is unaware of your credibility when you enter the business. When a reputable site adds your website’s link to their site, it leaves an impression that they trust your services.

    As a result, the audience doesn’t hesitate to try your service. Once they’ve tried your service, they share their experience with their friends and followers. So, it’s a remarkable way of building trust in the digital world.

    Types of Links

    The common concept is that link building is all about getting links from high authority sites. But that’s one part of the link building. And it’s commonly known as backlinking. The link building is further divided into two more categories. Let’s take a look at the details.

    Internal Links

    Internal Links are the links that direct to other pages of your website. Whenever you create a new blog post, you can add its link to the posts that are already ranked in Google. It helps with building a strong network within your own website. The visitors can use these links to access other pages on your website and the search engines will crawl those pages based on the anchor text you’ve chosen for adding links.

    Inbound Links

    Now, these are the types of links that can boost your website’s authority if you use them wisely. Inbound links are the links that direct visitors from high authority sites to your site. The search engine crawlers also use these links to rank your pages. Therefore, you must use your target keyword as anchor text when getting links from an authority site.

    Outbound Links

    Outbound links are the ones that direct visitors from your website to other high authority websites. These types of links leave an impression on the search engines that you’re providing valuable information to your visitors. The reason why you should add high authority links to your site is that they build your reputation in front of search engines. Therefore, you should be careful when adding outbound links.

    Factors to Consider

    The link building is a serious business and it needs to be managed wisely. Here are a few important factors you can consider when building links.

    Website’s Authority

    In the past, people used to consider Page Rank while trying to get a link from a website but it’s not useful anymore. Now, you need to look for other factors like Domain Authority, Domain Rating, and Citation Flow. There are tools you can use to check these stats. You can simply use the free plans of these tools to check the basic details.

    The best part is that you can also install the extensions of these tools into your browser to check the metrics of a website right off.


    Relevance is also very important when you’re trying to build links on high authority websites. The content isn’t the only thing that connects you in terms of relevance but the location can also be used as relevance. For instance, if you’re trying to rank a product review site in the international market, you need to look for websites that share the same content. But if you’re trying to rank a plumbing site locally, you can build links on all the websites that are targeting your local area. But you must check the authority of the site before building a link.


    Now, this is the most important aspect that cannot be overlooked during link building. Your main target should be the websites that offer Dofollow links because the search engines do not crawl the nofollow links. Nofollow is basically the attribute that website owners add to the links to protect their reputation on search engines.

    That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create nofollow links at all. When you build dofollow and Nofollow links equally on different websites, it gives an impression that you aren’t spamming at all and the links are built naturally. Another benefit of Nofollow links is that they drive traffic from other websites to yours. So, you must take advantage of both types of links.


    Link Building is one of the most complicated parts of Search engine optimization. Since it is so important to SEO, we’ve described the details to make things easier for you. We’ve briefly described the types of links along with the effective methods of link building. Hopefully, you’d now be able to launch an effective link building campaign. But if you need more help, you can get in touch with us.